The Alien Club


Extraterrestrial artist GRAViiTY reveals a new dimension of his music by inviting you to become a member of “Alien Club”.

This collectible “object album” highlights GRAViiTY’s love for its audience by opening the doors to its private club. This membership card therefore gives you extraterrestrial nationality, access to intergalactic travel and above all a direct connection to the 5 track EP ALIEN CLUB thanks to the technology integrated into the card. In addition, this multipass offers you one free concert of your choice per year on planet Earth.

This enigma lies not in the enclosure of CDs or vinyls, but inside a 3D card.

Get this collector’s item and benefit from many advantages:

  • Exclusive discounts -20% on merchandising
  • Invitation to a concert of your choice (once a year)
  • 1 autographed CD (R)EVOLUTION